SlateHouse believes in the following key aspects to get your house sold:

1) VALUATION: SlateHouse has a ton of data at its fingertips that it can use to properly gauge your houses value.  We use local knowledge from the agent combined with a massive database of information to get as accurate as possible of a value.

2) MARKETING: SlateHouse believes in using every possible means to get information out about your property.  We believe that while a physical listing sign at the property is still helpful, digital technology is a much stronger and growing way to get your house sold.  SlateHouse has over 10K people coming to our website each month, and it continues to grow!  We also list your property on the local MLS as well as the major real estate sites.  

3) SLATEHOUSE BUYERS NETWORK: SlateHouse's Buyers Network has over 100 real estate investors that have expressed interest in buying more real estate across Central PA.  Each investor has filled out a profile of what types and locations of properties they are seeking to acquire.  Where it's a match -- we send out your property to them!

4) PREPARATION: As a company that has bought a lot of real estate, we know what real estate buyers are looking for in a property.  Our agents take you through every detail needed to sell the property from pictures, write-up, financial metrics, and more.  

If you are looking to sell your property, please email us at and we will be in touch to talk you through the details to get it sold!