Kal Kelley: An Expert Real Estate Investing Agent

Kal pic.jpg

Kal has completed many full real estate filps, which gives him tremendous of knowledge or home repair prices.  For example, he can walk a property and provide a good estimate of the cost of repairs needed to get a property rentable -- a highly valuable trait in finding investment properties.

Kal graduated from East Carolina University with a bachelor of science degree.  After playing D1 baseball at ECU as a catcher, Kal's professional career began in a unique way as he was the bullpen catcher for the Atlanta Braves. Eventually, Kal left baseball driven by a passion for working with a lifelong mentor who was an expert in flipping houses. 

Kal is on pace to lead the acquisition of over 200 units in 2017 as an investing buyers agent.  He uses this experience to help keep investors from making mistakes that can be costly.  

Kal hails from Harrisburg, PA with his wife, but works with investors across Central PA with a specialty in York, Harrisburg, and Reading. You can reach Kal at Kal@slatehousegroup.com.